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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recovery : I hope :)

I've been sick since last Friday.. and yet.. it's been a tough and suffering moment.. omg.. how can i sick during the most gan jiong moment.. where i still got presentation to be done.. my graduation speech this coming thursday.. and worst is.. my final exam next week!!! pheww.. friday night after from college, temperature was so high.. the next morning still have to go college.. and was ok abit ady.. thanks to someone who take care of me during that day.. (he insist to..) haha.. felt abit ok.. but then went back, condition gets worst during night.. shifted to papa's room coz wanna sleep on the sauna bed.. need to get myself energetic back because i got a dance class the next morning!! hmm.. thought i will feel ok back after i sweat.. but.. no.. it was so suffering.. i was keep thinking in my heart.. when's this class going to end? coz i really can't hold it anymore!! not because i'm tired.. it's because of my sick conditon.. after dance, the temperature increases back.. sharon followed me home to do eco presentation slide for the next day which is monday.. pity her.. she have to wait me sleep for around 3 or 4 hours.. coz i really beh tahan.. sm then came to teach us after that.. my aunt say wanna bring my siblings and I out for dinner.. then I went to bath.. I felt fresh after that.. i assumed that I recover already.. then we went to eat KFC and Pizza Hut.. @.@ went back home.. piak..'s monday now.. still don't feel well.. but i still continue with my eco presentation.. haiz.. don't wanna say how it becomes.. disappointed with my partner as well.. speechless.. during com212 class in conference hall, i was freaking damn cold.. omg.. even owais's coat still can't let me feel warm.. keep went out coz feel wanna vommit.. T.T went to kor's house after that.. wanna bring me to his mummy.. for the acupuncture treatment.. only one pick of needle.. the moment she poke inside my toe.. i felt nothing.. i was okay.. it does not hurt also.. but things changes when she start to twist, poke deeper into my toe.. omg!!! freaking pain.. T.T she even gave me eat so many chinese traditional pills.. and i have to eat it 3 times.. straight slept off after that.. thx to the two gentlemen who took care of me during that time.. really appreciate it alot.. =) hope i will get better soon.. i hope.. reached home.. i straight went up.. and sleep.. lol.. there's nothing much i can go other than sleep.. coz i'm totally lack of energy =( the next day still got international business exhibition.. god a... help!!! >.<"" die also go present lo.. well.. i presented well.. but my condition still die.. went back home to do a short sauna.. amazingly.. after that.. after i sweat quite alot.. i felt much much better.. i'm feeling the previous me again.. i practice my speech.. my dance.. oh yeah.. things are getting better.. all i wanna do now is focus on my last speech.. gambateh!!! time to sleep now.. feel very tired now.. sorry mummy.. coz your ginseng soup tastes weird.. coz it taste abit salty.. and my throat doesn't seem to like salty for now.. =x lastly.. thx to everyone who take good care of me all this while.. glad that i have you all.. nitez all.. :)

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