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Monday, July 12, 2010

SEX 101

New subject in HICT.. lecturer : Mr.Adil.. lol.. haha.. Me and cheryl was talking about cheryl's vo's story.. then sharon and wae yee came and join us.. chit chat awhile.. felt that.. don'y know why she still don't wanna let like there's no other guys in this world liao meh.. hmm.. wake up la cheryl.. see you everytime like this.. keep cry.. FOR A GUY.. he somemore treat you so bad.. worth it meh? love.. is really blind.. really can make a person become crazy.. can make a person do anything for his or her love ones.. love is just so that powerful.. right.. hmm..  well.. as what adil say is correct my dear.. you are so pretty.. all the guys would line up till penang bridge for you lo.. haha.. >.<" but i just wanna say that, we just hope to see the previous cheryl.. the happy and cheerful cheryl.. not the cheryl that cry everyday for a guy.. that spend her time sms-ing.. calling-ing.. 24 hours worry for a guy that don't appreciate what you have done for him also.. sigh.. heng.. what's it with sex101? haha.. now coming to the point.. lol.. adil then came and joined our conversation.. and heng shen too.. he si beh interested with this topic especially.. haha.. he was talking about 18sx stuffs and eveything which related to sex.. sharon that blur case keep ask him question.. which.. hahaha.. ehem ehem.. totally can make adil speechless.. kaka.. but we had fun chatting and gossiping though.. adil was really funny.. haha.. is like a class of the subject SEX101..kaka.. what most funny was he even asked Sharon to do it practical.. coz she was asking about something which related to sex.. then adil straight ask her to try it on her own.. all of us straight laugh non-stop.. i was like.. yeah..  assignment for you.. pass up your "report" next week... hahahahaha... damn swt la.. lol.. xD


  1. Man, never expect Adil could share such topic. As 4 Cheryl, there's a not-so-good subsitute for her. That guy like to drink vodka, once in a blue moon. He got the attitude, not so handsome, poor EQ somemore, but in certain ways regarded as smart. :)

  2. lol.. sharing is caring.. and i don't think there's any problem bout it... after all we are all 18 and above.. lol.. and bout cheryl's bf.. dun complain so much la aiyo.. cheryl will decide wat to do.. and hw u know he like to drink vodka.. and if yes also.. wats with it also leh? >.<""

  3. haha... it that true? anyway no one do that as an assignment and the most funny thing is to come out a report... lol... really funny...


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