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Saturday, July 24, 2010


SICK!!! =''(
Final exam coming.. please don't sick now.. sobss..
Yesterday don't know why suddenly fall sick.. during account class, I don't feel well already.. 
Straight went up to sleep after I reached home.. My body's temperature were so hot after I got up.. >.<" but still.. have to finish up my dear speech.. haizz.. have to get my body off from bed also.. 
well.. speech.. can say done already.. but I felt that it's too long.. T_T  need to cut short it.. because i got a 47s video somemore leh.. and my total speech is 1200++ words.. scare later exceed time lo.. slides haven't kao tim somemore.. go college only do ba..
Today, I felt much more better already.. hope I will recover soon ba.. ^^

Hmm.. You are tired of what? sick of it? 
You know what.. I'm tired of explaining.. 
Are you sort of like Mr. Jekyll and Hyde?? Whereby you have two personality?? 
because.. seems that your mood.. will keep changing de.. today A, tomorrow B.. the next day A back.. 
Anyway.. what I suppose to say, I also told you before many thousand billions times already.. 
It's up to you whether how you wanna take it.. take care of yourself ba.. don't forget FINAL EXAM is around the corner already.. that's what most important right now...

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