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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To... ♥♥

To Alex.. you had a good personal assistant.. don't you think so? =p (ps: you owe me a date!!!) don't forget.. =p ♥

To SM, thanks for the lovely invitation.. I will keep my promise de.. don't worry =D ♥

To Adil.. thanks for the lunch treat.. but you are so so so damn late!!! 2 hours man!!! @.@ Sharon almost slept off.. Cheryl also wanna die hungry jor.. swt.. kaka.. ♥

To Ivan and SM.. great job for your speech.. I really enjoyed it.. well done.. heard you guys got a excellent grade from Dr.Lim too.. Congrats.. I wan an A+ too.. >.<" Speech 7!!! Gambateh.. oh yeahh!!! =D ♥

To my dear Cheryl, hmm.. for now I only can say, let's all sit down.. we'll settle it ok.. everything's gonna be alright.. don't worry.. I'm a experienced one =) people will do mistake.. and we learn from it.. don't sad sad la k.. cheer up.. love ya always.. ♥ 

To my lovely mummy, thanks for trusting me and letting me drive to main road.. lol.. even me myself don't have confident to drive lo.. I was quite shock when you asked me to drive out to main road.. luckily less car nia.. haha.. ^^ ♥

To my ji mui gang, LET'S ROCK CENTRO NEWAY tomorrow!!! =D 

To my dear friend Ethan.. you better wake up tomorrow.. =.="" 

To my dear speech 7, I shall start to explore a topic for you tomorrow.. don't worry ya.. guai guai wait me oo.. muax.. XOXO.. 

To my brother, sorry for keep you waiting.. let's go upstair and sleep.. haha.. =p 


  1. Good??? in de sense of?? @@
    anyway, i ll nvr forget wat i promised
    so jz make a time la ;)

  2. haha.. u got blog de meh? lolx.. ok boss.. anytime.. =p

  3. i dun hav now, mayb ll create one soon ^o^
    but duno how to make it nice ><

  4. u so pro.. don tell me don know lo.. if nid any guide..can ask me la =p

  5. hahahaa.. im not pro lo.. im totally blog noob ><
    hehe, u say one hor, dun regret later xD

  6. y wan regret leh.. if i know i sure tell de ma.. haha.. xD


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