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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Helped out at Kwang Hua Education Fair today.. kinda a lot of students also.. lol.. so funny when few students came approach me and ask about the course such as LAW.. actuarial science.. conputer science.. that I had no idea how to explain.. and can just tell them to fill up the enquiry form and wait for Jonathan.. haha.. pity Jon.. must be a busy day for him.. but overall was okay though.. and as he said.. we end up being chased away by RAIN.. apa la.. hahaha.. 

You hon me!!! @.@
Sorry lo.. I didn't see dao you.. =.=""
I'm not a pro driver also.. >.<"
Brand new day huh? Good for you then =)

Had a short tea break at Secret Recepi.. thx for the treat.. =p

Black indulgence cake =D

My jasmine tea

But how can you both just leave me there?!?
Don't you see i'm doing something.. @.@
No mood now.. don't talk to me..
Let's enjoy the rain.. =) 

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