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Friday, July 9, 2010

You very cold lo.. =.=""

You! Yes you you and you!!!! HATE it when people reply my facebook post.. or sms.. or msn.. or SKYPE mostly.. with just a single word : "oo", "oh", "owh", "oorh".... LAME LAME LAME!!!!!!.. =.="" Don't blame me if I don't reply you after that, and that's what I did most of the time.. Make me straight no mood to reply.. It make me feels like the person don't wanna have a conversation with me also.. Can you at least put a smile =) icon? and say something else.. "oo.. like this izzit? haha.. xD" or "oorh.. izzit? i see.. =D" Won't take much of your effort also right? ish ish.. swt me.. =.=!!!

My parents and brother came back with KFC's mashed potato and "special salad".. hahaha.. bought wrong because mummy actually wanted coleslaw.. then papa went back to change it.. really swt... hahahha... xD

ok.. gotto continue with my speech now.. @.@

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  1. Okla. Now I know your feeling. :( Don't be mad ok, afterward age faster oh. ;)


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