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Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd Malaysia Open Dance Championship 2010

Today is the day.. muahahaha.. jump to conclusion can ma? lol.. in conclusion.. our hip hop team open.. the devoted dancers.. yea.. that's us.. we got 1st runner up =) well.. when the result was announced, I was kinda disappointed.. yea.. I thought we could get champion.. but.. hmm.. there we go.. 2nd place.. then there was this one lady.. one of the judge.. she came approach us and praise our dance was excellent.. she said that she personally thinks that we should get the champion.. then at that moment.. I felt better.. Chriz then told us.. what placing that you get does not matters.. what matters was others confirmation.. means that what or how people thinks about you.. Chriz said also.. to her.. we are her CHAMPION.. =) from this competition also.. I get to feel the environment of the real competition.. met competitors from different places.. really gain a lot of valuable experiences.. we'll get a champion back next year =D

list of participants

so many judges @.@

dance floor

us 1- happy

us - yeng =D
us 2

us - cute ^^

us- sexy? =.="

ban cool xD

rawwww.. =p

to final to final ^^

kawaii cute lil kiddo from JAPAN :D [1st to 4th place all from Japan ^^]

had our lunch here ^^

ling ling

night dinner - the crowd

with pretty lil michelle =)

with sexy miss angeline =D


piggies pose.. kaka

love this.. <3

and this!!! ^^

go go go..ahhaha ^^

waiting for result.. >.<"

1st runner up =)

1st,2nd and 3rd place ^^


the blur coloured shirt lady who support us ^^


our achievement ^^

with some of the 3rd place dancers =)

wth mr.MAO MAO CHONG.. kaka.. xD

congrats to Alex - champion ^^

congrats to nai ma - 4th place =)

yo man!!! xD

showing nike leh.. or the thing that nike protecting?? lolx

last picture of the day - with Mr.Stuart =D

More pictures at : 

Our dance video :

More videos at : 

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