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Monday, August 9, 2010

88 steamboat (08.08.10)

Huat huat 88.. haha.. nice number right.. kaka.. so coincidencely.. me, kor, cc and eliz.. 4 of us had a very full meal at 88 BBQ Steamboat Buffet, BBT on the 8 of August.. just nice.. 88.. ^^ thanks to dear Mr. CC for the treat.. so sweet of you.. :) Eliz then came by and joined us after a while.. all of us ate till so full.. Don't know how many prawns went inside my stomach already.. haha.. nice.. enjoyed our meal ^^

chickens + shells =p

prawnssss ^^

thx cc ^^

oh yea.. my favourite :D

lingling and eliz :)

victor and eliz

eliz and aris 

victor and aris

lingling and aris

victor and lingling

eliz and the guys :)

lingling and the guys :)

haha.. look at victor.. LOL.. xD

all number series increasing sequencely ^^

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