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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Conflict? Conflict can occur anywhere and anytime.. on anybody.. between family, or between friends.. when it happens, it's either a very small matter.. or a very serious matter.. and when it happens, the feeling of stress.. frustrated.. anger.. all came out.. and when this situation happen.. everyone will become sad.. moody.. emo.. but.. how it happen?? is it because of an individual problem.. the attitude? or the communication barrier problem between peoples?? well.. everyone has the responsibilities I think.. today.. during dance class.. something quite serious happen.. well.. not that serious but it will affect our competition due to a problem with one of my group member.. I was quite shock to see this situation because I don't know HER yet.. then I was told by my other friends, SHE is like that de.. that's HER attitude.. when SHE wants something, she requires perfect.. hmm.. I don't know la.. if SHE thinks that me and Sharon didn't train hard for this competition.. then I tell YOU.. you're wrong.. After all that happened just now, I'm just gonna forget about it and focus on the competition.. that's what matters now. I hope you will try to compromise with me and Sharon.. I know we're still juniors.. we just started learning dance since one month ago.. Maybe now you still can't see the 100% hard work from us.. but, please do give us some time.. We'll do better than 100%. If we did anything wrong, don't mind to comment on us.. because  you guys really are more experienced than us.. learned dance for few years already.. Just hope that we'll get to dance together happily.. I'm sorry if I had ever ignored your comment or what.. maybe I just didn't realize it.. Well.. we'll see how.. hope tomorrow's gonna be a better day =)

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