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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Devil Training =p

Back from dance class around 12.30am.. phewww...freaking tired.. =X dance for almost 2 hours plus I think.. Chriz choreograph our dance stpes until head wanna burst liao.. kaka.. plus.. I'm still a beginner.. >.<" haven't really master all the basic steps.. just now also learn some of the basic top rock and locking steps.. wuwu.. Malaysia Open Dance Championship!! Hope can go into final at least.. hmm.. =x Me and my dance friends were participating in a group category.. five of us.. =) Firstly, I thought only participants from all over Malaysia.. but then, I was told that, a lot of Koreans and Japanese hot chicks will take part also.. waa.. stress stress.. =X gotta work hard for it.. Really excited about this.. haha.. gonna make it a blast one!!!.. Chriz.. I won't make you disappointed de.. =) Change change change~~~ Need to be like Hyuna.. haha..=p

Need more FEELING..
Need more STAMINA..
Need more HIP HOP STYLE.. 

Okie dokie.. toni and guy's picture finally finish uploaded.. tomorrow only tag la.. >.<"" gotto upload our show's VIDEO also.. tee-hee.. goodnight.. =) so long didn't sleep so late already.. haha.. lolx.. ^^

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