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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Expendables

Movie time.. ^^ watched this shooting movie.. not really my type of movie.. but since everyone said its nice.. so why not watch it.. haha.. watch with dumdum and dummy again.. not bad also la this movie.. dumdum was so excited.. as though as he are the one who is fighting.. haha.. all those mens.. really muscular.. lol.. their muscle a.. omg lo.. so big big de.. @.@ The black man was funny.. haha.. I remember him.. he did act as the rich guy in the movie White chick also.. kaka.. he damn funny.. use the bazooka or something.. straight kill all the enemies.. haha.. overall.. not bad.. nice effect.. rated 7/10 la.. ^^

Later got dance class.. have to get ready for our competition which is coming very de soon on next Saturday.. 28.08.2010 @.@ Can I make it? Omg.. =X
Yes I can.. practice practice practice.. Gambateh PEI LING!!! =)

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