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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greenbox again ^^

Went greenbox again.. haha.. like addicted to it already.. lol.. this time went with dance friends.. four of us.. me, sharon, xin yi and janet.. janet sing song very nice o.. haha.. good good.. too bad didn't take any picture.. all keep sing and eat.. forget liao.. lolx.. after sing, Chriz came and meet us.. first time saw her in her working attire.. kinda weird.. prefer her in hip hop style.. haha.. ^^ After Janet went back, Chriz then treat us eat at DRAGON-I restaurant.. you know what.. only 2 plate of noodles.. 8 xiao long bao.. 2 glasses of warm water, a glass of iced lemon tea and a glass of longan water.. cost 72 bucks!!! >.<"" first time eat there.. really expensive.. lolx.. but thanks to Chriz because she treats us.. hehe.. ^^ She just got promoted.. congratz congratz.. ^^ okie dokie.. bb for now :D  

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