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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy birthday Chriz =)

Early in the morning.. me and sharon left famine 30 camp earlier because we got dance class.. happy came and fetch us.. then we meet chriz and others at stadium.. yea.. we going for a JOG.. haha.. after so long didn't touch the stadium's ground already.. kinda miss it.. haha.. but retired really retired liao.. i run two round then feel like stopping already.. LOL.. haha.. then we went to eat our breakfast at a kopitiam nearby railway station.. Off to CND for our dance practice.. xD 
Jeng jeng jeng... big plan is here now.. haha.. Nai ma was the one who planned it.. Tomorrow was Chriz's birthday.. therefore, she planned to had a suprise celebration for her.. we'll meet up at Centro during night.. Chriz and nai ma went for movie earlier.. and janet fetch all of us to Centro.. what a coincidence betul.. we were supposed to suprise Chriz in the restaurant.. mana tau.. so gam.. we met in the toilet.. lolx.. so we had to lie to her that we went sing K.. but.. SHE REALLY BELIEVE.. hahahah.. 
At Sherperdoo later, nai ma's friends.. alex and others then came.. he brought a cake.. then chriz started to understand what's going on.. hahaha.. SUPRISE!!!! kakaka.. when she know that the sing K was a lie too.. she really speechless.. lolx.. anyway.. all of us had a great time there.. especially all of us who get to meet those "zhang bei men" =p  

venue of the day =D

the lovely blue candle =p

this is fork, knife and spoon =)

mum mum the cake.. haha

tiger beer.. lolx

mum mum mum mah.... =p

happy happy birthday =)

chriz and the youngies =p

chriz and the eldies ^^

nian qing ren =D

zhang bei men ^^

look into the mirror xD

Once again HAPPY SWEET BIRTHDAY CHRIZ.. Muacksssssss xD

like baby.. lolx


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