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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Movie time.. ^^ Watched inception finally.. it's been so long.. that I haven't see your face.. lolx.. why suddenly write till Right now de song.. hahaha.. well.. since I saw zain and munna's facebook post about inception.. which they said its damn awesome.. I wanted to watch it so long already but didn't had a chance.. haha.. Watched with dumdum and dummy.. new name for them.. haha.. xD and you know what.. this movie is freaking awesome.. really.. nice concept.. amazing story line.. first movie ever really making me so confused.. haha.. this movie quite long also.. 2 hours and 30 minutes.. I was shocked to see when the time's already 12am when the movie finish.. lolx.. rated it 9/10 :D can we do that in our real world to?? go inside our dream whereby we can do anything we want? imagine if we got super powers in our dream.. you know.. sort of like harry potter world.. spells.. wands.. everything.. or if we can  fly.. gosh.. it would be so amazing.. haha.. one more thing.. MBO is freaking scary when it's dark.. lol.. maybe the electricity was cut off.. so creepy.. =.=" luckily I got two strong bodyguard.. kakaka.. well well well.. what's next?? waiting up for love in disguise.. will be start showing tomorrow.. must must watch.. hehe.. toodles.. ^^

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