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Friday, August 27, 2010

It's all about dance =)

[26 August 2010]

Two more days before our competition.. it's time to kao tim our costume.. haha.. everyone decided and we choosed "PURPLE".. pants would be soldier pattern since we couldn't find any white pants last minute.. >.<"" happy, ocy, xinyi and me went to search for it.. we went to Klang Parade's Giant at first.. found 3 shirts over there.. but not enough.. we need 5.. then we went to Setia Alam's Giant.. there more worst.. only got 1.. @.@ but the shirt is cheaper.. only 4 bucks.. haha.. then we head back to KP's Giant to buy the rest 3 shirts.. each for 8 bucks.. ah hee will but another wan at Bukit Tinggi's Giant.. kaka.. then the rest of us went to CND first.. while waiting nai ma to come at the night, we practice for a few times and start to think of our shirt's design.. yea.. we gonna cut it into some pattern.. here hole.. there hole.. kaka.. after ah hee came, since all of us too free already.. we took many pictures with Chriz's costumes.. haha.. don't dare to touch nai ma's belly costume.. lolx.. 
when everything's done it's almost 3am already so all of us decided to stay overnight at studio.. kaka.. pipipi... popopo.. pipopipo...  lolx.. xD

me, sharon and xin yi de lunch.. lolx.. =p

pregnant dancers with hip hop styles.. xD

bian zui.. lolx

what's so funny o?? hahaha

the responsible father =p

chinese, malay and western.. 1 Malaysia =p

ah hee the clown.. lolx

pl : asalaimualaikum =p
xinyi: haiyak!!!!!! xD

Costume challenge starts =p

ss time ^^

again.. lolx

ban cool =p

really cool what... hahahaa

xin yi ^^

ocy ^^

me ^^


Chriz fetch me and xin yo back Sentosa to pack our things and fetch ah hee out.. then back to studio oi oi ^^

all piggies.. haha

more pictures at :

[27 August 2010]

The next day, I'm the last person the wake up.. haha.. biasalah.. piggy ling ma.. lolx.. then all of us went home.. meet up back at studio at 4pm.. when I got back home, papa say wanna go eat with his singapore friend.. for sure I'm coming la.. so hungry..haha.. We went to a seafood restaurant at Pandamaran.. the meal was yum yum yummmmm... sedappppppp :D 1kg crab.. imagine how big was that.. haha.. 

the giap giap part.. my favourite ^^

the body.. =D

i only interested with this crab.. so only got this crabbie picture =p

Nice to meet papa's friend.. he's a businessman lai de.. he shared some of his experience and told us about being an army which is a compulsory in Singapore.. they had to undergo real war.. walao a.. if kena boom.. ma wan tan?? @.@ anyway.. thanks for your lunch uncle.. first time eating seafood during afternoon.. haha.. head on to Aeon next.. mummy suddenly say wanna watch movie.. lolx.. 
but i can't watch.. got dance class soon.. sobs sobbss... finally my parents and my brother watched "Aftershock" enjoy ba ^^ 

Head on to studio later on.. 

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