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Friday, August 20, 2010

Love Disguise ♥

Dance class tonight was canceled because Chriz was not able to come over due to other class that she had.. Therefore since we already practice during afternoon.. trained our stamina so kao lat.. then we decide to rest and continue our practice tomorrow.. so.. movie time.. hehe.. ^^ Love Disguise.. Wanna watch it so so long.. No one wanna bring me go watch =( haha.. A very nice movie.. quite funny.. and romantic.. really touched by Lee Hom's song "All the things you never know".. When I was listening to it.. I felt happy.. really touched.. :') How I wish there's someone who can write a song for me.. then sing and play for me also.. awww.. so sweet.. :) hmm.. well.. I don't know.. waiting for this day to come.. =) rated this movie 9/10 A MUST TO WATCH.. lee hom quite cute also leh.. hehe.. ^^ 

BUKIT RAJA de POPCORN banyak SEDAP ooo... =p

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