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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka Skating + CC's Farewell

To celebrate our very 53th national day.. and also our beloved friend Victor's who's going back Russia tomorrow.. therefore.. we decided to go for ice skating.. my idea.. kaka.. well.. since last night.. err.. suppose to be morning.. >.<" I came back around 7am.. I woked up around 1pm by dum dum.. haha.. quickly get prepared and we went to Sunway.. =) Ate at mian dui mian shop first.. so sui.. raining heavily.. ish.. had to run under rain somemore.. haha.. after a while.. skating time.. ^^ 21 bucks per person.. public holiday ma.. abit expensive lo.. but as CC said.. since we also been there already.. sure wan play de ma.. so off we go.. I felt PROUD.. because.. I'm the only one who didn't fall down.. hahaha.. all of them fell down.. stupiak cc wanna fool ch.. but leh.. he himself fall down... cy leh.. fall down until both of his knee blue black.. SMART@.@ so kao lat meh.. LOL.. zhong zhi.. you three so cha.. keep fall down.. hahaha.. I did't fall down.. but I got hurt.. someone la.. his skate's shoe kena my leg.. jiam jiam somemore.. pain lo.. T_T well.. cc can really skate well.. I'm 2nd best.. followed by ch and cy.. they both almost same same nia la.. haha.. but all of us had a great time there.. tee-heee.. ^^ went out around 8pm.. eat eat.. hungry liao..wuwu.. I then introduce them to the restaurant that I went previously with my dad's friend.. at Pandamaran there.. Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa.. well.. how was it?? I for sure didn't make you guys disappointed right? hehe.. =p

cc's noodle

ling's noodle ^^

ch's noodle..

cy's noodle

red bean ice ^^


buy ticket ^^

our shoes =D

siao po ling 

our hands =D


cc and cy

ling and dumdum =p


skate shoes =D

pika pika.. ^^

new station.. kaka..=p

eliz said : "kawaii nehh".. thx thx.. muahaha.. xD



asam sotong.. ^^

kangkung.. ^^

fu yong egg =)

marmite chicken =D

kam heong crab =D

4 of us.. each person 23 bucks.. haha.. xD

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