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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie crazyness ^^

I made it.. haha.. promised Alex.. no movie before my finals.. already two weeks plus I didn't watch movie jor lo.. the last movie that I watched was Streetdance.. haha.. now.. finally.. my exams finish jor.. I am so gonna watch alot alot alot of movies... teeehee.. ^^

To-do-list  =p
- Inception (still haven't watch leh.. T.T)
- Chloe (Must must watch =p)
- The Sorcerer's apprentice (don't know nice or not leh.. hmm..)
- Salt (Angelina Jolie!!!)
Curse Of The Deserted (Chinese Horror movie) ^^

More coming soon.. lol.. step up 3.. love disguise.. oh yeah.. ^^


  1. hey, since tat i promised u a movie date, den i fulfill u one of these la.. at 1st im thinkin of tat chinese horror movie, but den heard a lot of comments say not nice... so im not sure bout tat... btw, wats tat chloe talk bout??

  2. haha.. wats up boss.. ^^
    err.. dunno o.. i see trailer like ok nia.. dunno nice bo.. erm chloe im watching later.. hehe ^^ its bout.. err.. go u tube see la =p got many nice wan coming soon.. ^^

  3. hmm.. den okla.. den c any movie u wan 2 watch but cant any1 den u come find me la. njoy ur break :)

  4. lolx.. say till like dat.. cant find any1.. haha.. ok.. will tell ya de.. ^^ next monday till wed im fully booked liao.. so thursday onwards still can.. hehe ^^

  5. hahaa.. i know.. u so famous n 'hot' >< ofcoz fully booked.. anyway, i dun like to rebut wit others so i din thought of jio u oso :P

  6. cheh.. lolx.. no la.. coz got thing do ma.. ^^


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