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Friday, August 6, 2010

Movies finally.. ^^

Haha.. get to watch movie finally.. lol.. yeah.. finally.. planned to watch yesterday.. but leh.. because leh.. got few piggies.. slept off.. then all also lazy wanna go liao.. (one of the piggies were myself =p) end up didn't watch.. lol.. but today.. today is the day.. haha.. say till like that.. kaka.. watched two movies today.. Chloe during the afternoon and Avatar the last airbender at night.. =)

Chloe?? Erm.. ok ok lo.. kinda boring though.. but story line was not bad la.. kinda shock with the ending.. this story is about whereby this particular girl, Chloe fall in love with a woman.. and disaster started after that.. she had sex with the woman and the woman's husband?? haha.. go watch yourself to find out la.. ^^ and one thing I like the most.. MICHEAL!!! the couples's son.. he's so cuteeee... haha.. ^^ and guess what.. this movie.. and the first time ever in my whole life.. where only 3 of us in the cinema.. nobody else.. only us.. lol.. so we get to choose to sit where ever we like.. haha.. ^^


ehem =p

opps =X

Avatar : The last airbender.. nice nice.. ^^ although I was not really impressed enough.. and the movie was too short for me.. coz only waterbenders fought.. how bout other nations?? ish.. wait the comet drop down? after three years lo.. then wait for avatar 2 after three years ba.. kaka.. well.. overall was ok la.. few part quite funny de.. the aang was so cute.. chubby chubby de.. hehe ^^ 10 ppl watched today.. so long didn watch in a big group liao.. haha.. =)

fire vs air ^^

haiyakkk ^^

see.. he's so chubby neh.. ^^

shining aang... haha.. lolx

Appa!!! It's so huge.. quite cute also de.. lolx.. ^^

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