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Monday, August 30, 2010

New lappie?? haha

I was shock.. LOL.. When I got back home from competition last night.. I saw new Acer laptop.. a deskjet with print, scan and copy function.. wifi router.. and many many other small stuffs.. lolx.. papa kena jackpot a?? hahaha.. Then only I got to know.. papa bought laptop, router and the deskjet only.. others was FREE.. got promotion.. haha.. so good.. thanks papa.. ^^ wei ren said that he's gonna buy another laptop.. each got one.. no need fight.. kaka.. but I'll still stay with my current darling.. my compac.. haha.. 1st is because I already use to  this lappie.. next.. if wanna transfer to new laptop, my data was like don't know how many G..gonna take how long to transfer leh?? haha.. well.. hehe.. ^^

welcome acer yap.. lolx.. ^^

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