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Monday, August 16, 2010

OSK Investment Challenge

Hey all.. for those who interested in stock market especially.. there's a game going on.. It actually started today and will last till 1st of October 2010.. Winners will get great prizes.. Acer netbook to be given out everyweek and grand prize up to 25K!!!  Limited goodies bag were given out too.. ^^ Not only that, invite 10 friends to join and you'll get a 4G pendrive for FREE.. So what are you waiting for.. Join and register now ba.. ^^

For more info at their facebook link :

Register and join and start playing lo ^^:

cash prizes ^^

Acer netbook for weekly winner ^^

Goodies bag : Limited Edition OSKIC Computer Sleeve and Lanyard and lots more ^^

Pendrive?? doesn't look like pendrive to me.. lol.. don't care la.. haha.. xD

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