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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Piggy Ling is back.. LOL

After came back from college.. around 4pm plus.. I slept till almost 8pm.. haha.. so nice to sleep.. and guess what.. I dreamed again.. lolx.. this dream was so nice and it related to the future, now and in dream.. means it's impossible in reality.. haha.. well.. there's alot of people in this dream.. lol.. the story starts with.. everyone of us.. went to a camp.. then leh.. there's a ship decorating competition whereby we are divided into few teams and have to decorate our very own ship.. ya.. suddenly at the scene where all of us on the huge ship.. and few small ships to decorate hanging beside the huge ship.. kaka.. after that, as I could remember.. I left some of my books nearby a cafe at the near all those ships.. I wanna go back and take.. but before that, I was holding a camera.. a DSLR.. to take others group picture.. everyone was like pushing pushing each other to find a nice place to pose.. faces that I could see clearly was ivan.. because he's like keep on rushing me to take the picture.. others was blur.. lolx.. so funny.. haha.. a moment after that, I saw ck just came out from bath, drying his hair.. and I was suprised to see him because I thought he's still in Taiwan.. hahaha.. then he joined others for the group picture..then at somewhere in the living room, I saw JERRY YEN.. the F4 actor..(used to be my idol once upon a time ago =p) he don't know say want me to follow him go where.. this moment I was imagining myself as "san chai, by Big S".. the main actress in the Meteor Garden drama.. haha.. swt la.. then sharon and sm accompany me to search for my books.. as we walked out.. I saw forest.. =.="" then sher teng passed by.. and we said HI.. lol.. on the way.. three of us chit chat.. Sharon then asked sm.. "Do you think I should go to Fraser park next year??" our new campus.. haha.. then don't know what liao.. sharon then said "I afraid you might need to fetch me to college everyday in the future.. " hahaha.. gosh.. don't know why I dreamed this kind of conversation.. haha.. after that, I woked up liao.. hehe ^^ 
Had KFC with my siblings for our dinner tonight.. haha.. and.. someone video-called me.. and he's eyes looked so small.. >.<" guess he didn't really sleep well.. fly with disappointment?? well.. I don't know.. hmm.. anyway.. please take good care of yourself la.. and do enjoy your two weeks trip ba.. ^^ that's all for today.. time to sleep.. need energy for my dance class tomorrow.. haha.. nitezz ^^

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