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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Preparation for graduation show :D

As planned earlier, we(dancers) are supposed to become Chris's model for his graduation show.. Toni and Guy academy.. his show is on this Sunday.. therefore.. all of us were required to dye and cut our hair.. lol.. we were supposed to go KL Chris saloon but don't know why.. we no need go over there whereby Chris himself are coming down to Klang to do our hair.. haha.. xD 
Then, off we go.. five of us.. me, sharon, xin yi, happy and tall guy.. kaka.. excited for Sharon's hair.. because.. her VIRGIN HAIR..finally no more.. muahahha... xD
We went to Chris's brother in law's house.. swt.. I expect a saloon de lo actually.. =.=" never mind la.. think of their sake also la.. they came all the way to Klang just to do our hair.. we (hip hop dancers) need to cut and dye.. this coming Friday another group (belly dancers) will find him to cut again.. haha.. 
Well.. everything goes well I suppose.. everyone was cooperating and helping each other.. we'have been there for around 6-7 hours.. pheww.. damn exhausted.. hmm.. some of us don't really satisfied with the results.. but.. for me ok ok lo.. because I just dyed my hair.. he don't know how to cut for me.. (OMG) =.=" he said my hair too many layer.. he don't know what style to cut.. swt betul la.. I love Sharon's new hair colour.. RED.. I got a new friend = RED MUSHROOM.. kakaka.. ^^
Hmm.. so.. next is the show on this Sunday.. looking forward to it.. The show is at City Harvest Church, Sunway.. (I don't know where is it =.=" ) start at 7pm till 9pm.. let's rock the church!! haha.. :D Just hope that everything will go well.. Chris.. make sure you set our hair nicely this Sunday.. >.<"" All the best for your graduation show too la.. we'll try our best to show our very best too.. haha.. ^^ 


pei ling, sharon and xin yi ^^

take 2 :D

we girls take 3 =D

the guys-- herro jay and happy hee ^^

(more pictures coming soon.. will upload it in facebook after our show this Sunday.. ^^)

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