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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

StepUp3 + EsPreSs + MoRib

Step Up!!! Here we come!!! haha..Xin yi suddenly jio go watch with others.. plan to watch it tomorrow or wednesday de.. but they called already.. so we go lo.. then I jio dummy and dumdum together.. kaka.. LOL.. kinda weird because they don't know each other.. but.. since they ok.. ma ok lo.. haha.. when they meet up.. didn't say hi or talk to each other.. dummy don't want me to introduce also.. fine lo.. >.<" 
Ok.. back to movie.. erm erm erm.. well well well.. what can I say?? haha.. of course its much more better than STEP UP 1 AND 2... the main character was HOT.. phewww.... kaka.. the dance was amazing.. freaking awesome.. especially the robotic dance and the lighting shirt part at the finale.. damn cool man.. =D


so cool man!!! haha xD

the two funny twins.. lolx

Check out the finale video =D

After movie, dummy and dumdum went somewhere else.. where we all went to Espress.. haha.. wanna find a place to yamcha also hard.. lol.. went Botanic cafe at first.. but then their food finish already.. so we changed place to Bangi Kopitiam.. but the shop seems to close soon finally ended up at Espress.. kaka.. we were playing the "country game" each of us had to tell out a name of any country.. play play play.. when food arrive.. all automatic stop.. swt.. haha.. 

National day huh?? so everyone ki hiao.. don't wanna go back home early.. plan plan plan.. wanna go where..  suggestion?? BIG GENTING!! WTH!! @.@ SMALL GENTING!! PORT DICKSON!! >.<" MORIB!! SEPANG GOLD COAST!! [too far] KLIA!!! swt swt swt.. all plan far far de.. haha.. finally we ended up at MORIB.. lolx..only me, sharon, chriz, happy and xin yi went.. others went back home because too tired already.. haha.. I was kinda excited at first.. but still.. slept in the car on the way there time.. haha.. reach there around 3am plus.. We the saw a few bunch of malay teenagers hanging out around.. I was kinda afraid.. because they don't look like a good people.. T_T when we were walking towards the beach.. one of the malay guy was following behind us.. at that moment.. I was super super nervous and scared.. what if he took a knife.. or any weapon.. to rob us.. OMG OMG... what to do.. T_T Chriz then hold my shoulder and comfort me.. she said nothing's gonna happen.. but I still scared.. keep look behind.. then at a junction.. the malay guy turned left and walked away..he's going toilet rupanya... hahaha.. but still.. the place don't seems to be SAFE.. better beware.. >.<" It's so freaking dark.. we can't even see the beach.. LMAO.. then 5 of us sat  down and chit chat.. hehe.. gossip.. talk.. crap.. laugh.. playing around.. took pictures.. really like won't tired de.. haha.. hang out till 5am plus.. @.@ When I reach home, it's already almost 7am.. first time so "early" go back home.. haha.. straight went upstair to SLEEP.. freaking tired.. imagine our two drivers.. Chriz and Happy who sent me home.. they sure more tired.. siao po Sharon still can suggest go Bah Kut Teh after Morib.. haha.. 

The next day post at the NEXT POST..



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