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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Jeopardy

Summer Jeopardy is awesome!!! fuhh.. haha.. all the contestant were genius.. lol.. of course la.. mostly students form PJ and KL area.. but  what.. high school Klang got place in the top 3 as well.. omg.. some of the question were easy.. and some of the question were really super unpredictable.. i mean.. hard.. and they could answer it.. me and sm just can act intelligent..ahaha.. this is what Dr.Lim told us to.. she came approach us and asked whether did we learn alot from this competition.. and we said yes.. duhh.. of course we did... haha.. then she said "If you don't know the answer, just act intelligent ya".. haha.. she's so cute.. lolx.. this competition very gan jiong lo.. the format is like this.. there will be 25 question for each round.. there's 5 team and every team gets a chance to choose their question and there's points for each question.. the higher points you choose the harder the question it would be.. 200 bonus marks were given at the beginning.. if you choose a 50 marks question and you couldn't answer it or answer it incorrectly, your marks will be deducted 50 marks as well.. i just can't express my feeling.. it's really exciting.. haha.. learnt alot of things really.. and recall some of my knowledge that I used to learn before during secondary school.. all bout science.. haha.. one more thing.. most of these students I bet.. all of them are science students.. you know why? coz when the economics topic came out.. none of them know.. sm was like keep whispering.. "DEMAND CURVE!!, OPPORTUNITY COST!!!" hahaha.. damn funny wei.. it's great to be there.. haha.. moreover.. the lunch.. pheww.. yum yummy... maryland chicken.. coleslaw.. mashed potato.. spaggeti with the sweet tomato sauce.. fried rice.. what else.. cool sweet sour iced lemon tea.. fuh.. super delicious.. ^^ oh.. not to forget.. leng lui also got few de.. sm spotted few.. and aimed on a girl.. team 19 from catholic PJ.. he support that team every round lo.. swt.. haha.. 

[more pictures coming up soon] =p

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