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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tired Saturday =X

Omg... tomorrow is the day.. our modelling-dance show.. but I still haven't get my steps organized well.. =( I hope I won't make a disaster tomorrow.. hmm.. hope everything goes well.. god.. help us.. relax pei ling.. you can do it.. jia you =) let's rock the church babe!! XOXO.. 

Feel tired now.. hmm... well.. if you really understand me, you should know what I will do don't you?? sometimes.. if I remain silent.. I have my reason behind it.. not purposely or what.. sorry for keep giving you trouble.. I'm such a troublesome one I know.. sorry because I keep make you annoyed.. sorry because I always didn't give you response whenever you talk to me.. sorry because I keep make you worried.. sorry for my not serious behavior.. sorry for everything.. I'll try to make myself better.. but if I don't.. please don't blame me.. it's me.. I just can't help it.. lastly.. thanks for everything.. you really done a lot of things for me.. really appreciate it very much.. thank you.. =) 

I missed the fun at the pool with you guys justnow.. wuwu.. =(  I wanted to come.. but.... I can't.. haizz.. guess you all had fun rite? hmm.. never mind la.. maybe next time ba... sure got chance de ma.. ^^ 

I think I better get to bed now.. tired after all day out.. famine 30 test run.. running all over college.. =.="" siao desmond and zac keep catch me.. make me so "chuan".. haha.. but we all had fun.. I'm sure we will have more fun next weekend for our famine 30 camp as well.. ^^ rehearsal for tomorrow's show.. everything goes smoothly too justnow.. just had to organize my steps properly.. ^^ pheww.. didn't eat breakfast and lunch.. dinner also didn't.. what I ate ya? =.=" keropok lekor.. mango.. a cup of pepsi with some fries and 3 pieces of nuggets at KFC.. now am damn hungry.. T_T tomorrow's show have to show my fat tummy somemore.. ish.. =X
goodnight all.. =)

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