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Monday, August 16, 2010

Toni & Guy Academy Graduation Show ♥

Not I graduate la.. but I help other people with his graduation show.. haha.. LOL.. today is the day where Chris had to set up our hair nicely.. his final before he graduate.. well.. hmm.. all of us were quite disappointed woth his performance throughout the whole process actually.. because he seems like knowing NOTHING.. @.@ honestly.. without my dance coach, Chriz, nai ma, Boy boy and other's help.. his presentation today sure die wan I tell you.. costume we ownself find.. layout don't know.. song we cut ourself.. dance we figure out ourself.. rehearse ourself.. wan us to go KL for hair cut.. suddenly medical leave 1 week.. delay the following week.. oklo nevermind.. worst is.. say wan treat us eat.. but leh.. end up?? nai ma help to cover up also.. come on la.. not to say give you comment or what.. but.. I don't think you really qualified enough to graduate yet.. other hairstylist so profesional lo.. their models all.. fully well-dressed.. hairstyle.. is chiu kap geng and chio wan.. hmm.. anyway.. you also graduate liao.. gambateh la.. as for us.. dancers.. great job.. hip hop and belly.. our show was a success one.. thanks to chriz and nai ma train us for it.. =) makeup part.. not bad leh.. all of us(the girls la) look leng lui leh.. especially my eyes so BIG.. so rare to see it.. coz i seldom use fake eye lashes and other makeup.. lolx.. enjoy our show and of course.. we took alot of pictures.. hehe =p

before de us :)

all makeup artist busying makeup-ing their models =p

our lunch.. chicken rice.. lolx

the church's main hall-the place where our show was held

all the hair stylist

my curl curl hair before let it down ^^

us =D

me and siao po sharon.. haha.. xD

me and chriz =D

only me =)

Chriz and only HIP HOP :)

Nai Ma and only belly :)

all dancers =D

one two som!! asia cafe or steamboat.. haha.. =p

Finally, nai ma won the battle and we were suppose to go to Asia cafe.. but leh.. when we reach there.. no PARKING.. lolx.. then we change venue to Restaurant Yuan opposite Sunway Pyramid there.. hehe.. after a whole day show.. finally get to eat a nice steamboat buffet.. thanks to nai ma for the treat.. love ya..muacks.. ^^

Took few of my ss pictures when I got back.. sure need to grab this opportunity la.. since eyes so BIG.. =P

see.. BIG rite? haha.. xD

see the difference.. one eye with makeup and another one without?? lolx

More pictures at : 

Our show video :

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