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Friday, September 17, 2010


Sei yeh devil... hate you hate you hate you... ish ish ish... =X Although you are just a.. err.. what to call you?? hmm.."main subject" from a low cost production movie.. LOL. But still, I got scared few times leh.. haha.. the main venue at the elevator only..@____@ and as what Chriz said, those new york firemen are even  lousier compare to Malaysia's one. So slow de they wanna break in the elevator wall.. haha.. Apa lah... Hmm.. but overall was ok la.. I like the technique that the director used.. "suspense" We will keep on wondering who is the murderer.. Alex and others said: "play mafia meh? haha" we keep on guessing.. is he the one? or is she the one who is the bad guy?? end up.. the person who had already died is the devil.. LMAO.. and.. the old woman aka devil's eyes is super duper freaking damn SCARY!!! black black de.. yii.... amimo like that.. devil really devil.. really got devil looks.. eyes also super kia lang de.. @_@ Well.. overall, for me was ok la.. boleh tahan la.. haha.. rated 7/10 =) Watched at Bukit Raja.. after so long.. haha.. bo huat.. those zhang bei men prefer to go there.. maybe because nearer gua..  kaka ^_^

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