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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Advanced Mid Autumn Festival @ Movie

After came back from Tabur Hill, thought would straight become pig for the rest of the day but no!! haha..still got many kang tao.. lolx.. Daddy then bring my siblings and me to the Mid Autumn festival at Botanic Klang. We reached there around 6.30pm whereby the event almost gonna finish already. Left few performances, and get to see AH BENG and AH LIAN [MY FM DJ] too.. haha.. not bad also lah because we still manage to get to eat free cupcakes and ice cream, got a goodie bag with one lantern.. LOL and a free 10minutes 3D show with the movie title "Shark's Island" Haha... The 3D specs so cute de.. made from paper de.. but still got 3D effect la.. got one part I can feel that the octopus is gonna touch me when it moves its long long tail.. haha.. haha.. Advanced happy mid autumn lo ^^ I thought the real day was today but should be next Wednesday, no wonder la Amah didn't call us go her house eat. Hahaha.. Orite, That's all for now ^^

events.. kaka xD
mooncake ^^
the surrounding
free game
free cupcakes
free ice cream ^^
ah beng and ah lian xD
one of the performance
3D show room =p

After that, went for dinner at Bukit Tinggi's restaurant.. then papa drop me at Aeon, got a movie date again.. Lolx.. Old Cow VS Tender Grass.. Hahaha.. seriously.. not bad wei.. I fall in love with the girl's hair.. very very nice.. wuwu..  I wanna do also.. but everyone keep telling me, curl hair very difficult to take care of.. don't like that la.. I really wanna do de.. sob sob.. =X haha.. nice movie anyway.. rated 8/10 =D

pity poor frog.. no chance to kiss princess.. kaka.. xD
aww... sweet couple.. :p
this one!!! love her hair so much.. >.<"

ss time =p
take 2 xD
this picture berry cute.. lol =p
loon and ling.. haha xD

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