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Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday treat from Papa Yap ^^

Yippy!!! Birthday treat.. Mr. Yap promised to treat me cake for my birthday and here it is.. Yeah.. haha.. Had our lunch together at Secret Recepi.. hehe ^^ Owh.. got new cake already.. don't know what fibre something.. then the strawberry marshmallow cheese cake which Sharon chooses. Picture available below.. ^^ Thanks to Mr. Yap aka Papa for this wonderful lunch.. ^^
[Although just a simple lunch, but costs 80 bucks plus lo.. >.<" ]
Once again, thank you so much to dear papa Yap.. ^_^

strawberry marshmallow cheese cake =)
chocolate indulgence
blueberry cheese cake
GRILLED CHICKEN - served with herb rice and fresh garden salad with Black Pepper Sauce xD
Espresso Milk Shake if i'm not mistaken =p
cold milk
hot milk XD
pl and cy
papa and lingling
papa and yinyin
papa yap so cute.. lolx  XD

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