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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A date with allan ^^

Finally.. I got time to go for a movie with whye loon.. haha.. previously.. he called me out so many times but I got no time for him.. pity him.. he owe me a movie ma.. kaka.. Therefore, we went to Aeon for Piranha.. hehe.. ^^ Ate at Kim Gary before movie.. tee-hee.. =D

purposely order this to show to someone...kaka.. =p

ish.. FAT me =x

Back to movie.. this movie was not as disgusting.. or scary as I thought.. its funny instead.. haha.. everyone in the hall was laughing.. and before that.. don't know TGV's ticketing got problem or what.. few people seems to be arguing about seats placing.. the hall was quite clumsy.. haha.. don't know what word to use for that.. swt.. =.=" don't care la.. not my business also.. guai guai sit down and watch my movie.. haha.. erm.. rated this movie 7/10 ba.. =) 

bloodbath =D

main character =p

waaa.. @.@


Cam-whoring time ^^

take 1
take 2
take 3
take 4
take 5

Went mamak after movie.. called out few secondary school friends.. some can't come out.. end up only 4 ppl including me.. haha.. what a coincidencely.. met our dear president.. Mr.Kok Tong with his.. ehem.. gf.. at there.. kaka.. me and whye loon was just talking about him earlier.. and then we met him.. kaka.. so we all sat together and chit chat.. so happy.. haha.. then.. 3 girls walked towards us.. LOL.. my sister, wendy and annt.. yuan lai they all was there also.. I didn't see dao lo.. haha.. our JUNIORS.. kaka.. that moment.. I become more excited.. lol.. don't know.. maybe so long didn't see them liao gua.. keep ask them to join us together.. haha.. whee.. great to see u guys again.. tc all =) 

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