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Monday, September 27, 2010


What's happening again now?? @____@
No one realize it.. I think only me and you know what happen.. but I don't know why it happen..
Suddenly feel.. I don't know many thing.. Seems like something happen.. somewhere.. between someone.. I can feel it.. I just don't know what is it.. Why? Come on.. Somebody tell me please.. I HATE this kind of feeling.. I HATE being far apart from my friends.. Especially my dear and close one. Hmm.. =X
Then I just checked the academic calendar and found out that FINAL EXAM is actually 3 more weeks to go! what the hell?? It's like.. so fast.. FML!! Really need to focus on assignments and presentations already.. Promise myself.. Last movie will be this Wednesday.. no more till exam finish.. come on la.. 2 months leh.. scare what.. >.<" Tomorrow start on HIS109 assignment.. Tuesday discuss ECO202 presentation.. Friday till Sunday work.. Monday pia for eco midterm2.. Seriously need to get high marks.. if not really die kao kao lat.. previous midterm1 mark too LOW already.. Didn't study somemore la.. Play somemore la.. Haizz.. And his109 is like from the first class till now.. don't really know got how many chapters.. everytime go in class.. Just copy note from whiteboard.. Understand abit also because heard all those god's name in movies.. LMAO.. Percy Jackson my favorite one.. =D She somemore say.. we have to memorize all those GOD'S name.. because in exam, she might ask.. SPELLING WRONG also cannot.. Die die die.. This sem both subject also DIE.. I can't die leh.. can't let my CGPA go down again.. Last sem already make it up.. wuwu.. =X PEI LING.. GAMBATEH.. YOU CAN DE =) ok..Off to bed now.. starting from today onwards.. sleep before 1am!!!! If got special case then can be excused la.. =p Goodnight world =)

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