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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hmm.. its all started one day, my brother and I were selected to represent state or don't know where for an athletic tournament. LOL. Then, my whole family was planning to go and give us a support so we went for a breakfast at restaurant. At the restaurant, there were two stall which is the chicken rice stall whereby a uncle was the boss and a wan-tan noodle stall whereby the boss was the wife of the chicken rice uncle. And, when we went there, they seems are having a fight and someone told us that they are arguing about divorcing matter.. don't know what la.. haha.. We ordered and eat like normal. Suddenly, there were few bad guys with guns wanted to shoot us. Without wasting time, we quickly ran away. I saw my sister didn't come in the car with us instead she was fighting with those bad guys. Mummy then start the car engine and drove away, leave my sister there. I was panic, don't know what to do. Suddenly, I saw my sister was running towards us and I was totally speechless. And a sudden don't know why, everyone then clap hand and mummy say "CUT, THE END.. GOOD SHOW EVERYONE" I was blur. Then only I know they were shooting a movie and mummy was the director. Haha. My alarm clock then rings and I woke up. It's just a dream. LOL. Funny dream.. Haha.. xD


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