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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My 八月十五 celebration

Mid autumn festival not suppose to play lantern.. burn candle.. hang it all around the house like I-City.. eat mooncakes.. de meh?? actually I thought there's Bbq party but don't know why cancel.. then I thought Sharon and Chriz went to buy lantern.. but no lantern also.. T_T end up, all just playing around.. play piano.. play mahjong.. play card.. and the freak one was play CLUEDO.. I played before when I was in secondary school time and just now 6 of us played and we used almost an hour plus for the game. Congrats to OCY for being the winner, she guessed all three main components correctly. Haha..Nice game, gonna play it again someday xD

Hmm.. tomorrow is the concert. But seems like today is a bad day for dumdum. Many "shui" thing happen. When I know about it if I was him, I sure damn piss off de.. but. can't do anything also d.. tomorrow is the night.. Good luck and just do yourself la k.. Will support you from down.. haha.. xD But I will be alone tomorrow during the concert.. T_T How nice if that dummy didn't go back Russia.. at least got people accompany me.. huhu.. T.T

Sharon Ong.. actually you no need tell me de a.. none of my business also.. lol.. haha.. xD

Another confession to make.. I'm not happy.. I suggest to my sister that, Let's go skating tomorrow since today we didn't had a chance to go because the skating place closed at 1pm. I asked her why not tomorrow?  But then she said she already plan with mummy to go on Friday. I asked her why Friday? Friday I can't because I got class. She then giggle, laugh along with my brother.. and said "then you no need go lo, fan zhen you still got many chance to go with your friends.." I was like.. ok.. Fine lo.. [now is with family.. not friend lo.. ] but.. suan la.. they like la.. no mood already.. continue my drama.. bye all.. =X

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