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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My sweet 19 =)

I still remember.. I started to write blog during my birthday last year.. it was really a big surprise.. that I can't stop myself to write it down.. and that's how this blog was created.. kaka..'s been one year already...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEI LING!!! hehe.. it's my big day today.. big girl liao lo.. haha.. well well well.. any celebrations?? any party?? few people asked me.. and I said "I don't know.. no gua.. nobody tell me anything.. " Hmm.. really.. seems to be like so quiet.. well.. but alot of people wished me when they see me.. or even at facebook!!! GOSHH... so many people wished me.. thanks everyone.. haha.. I replied finished a part.. but the notifications non stop coming.. I think I finally finish replied all wall post on 10 Sept.. haha.. anyway.. thanks once again.. As for the celebration.. it was different as what I had expected.. haha.. LMAO.. I thought that siao po Sharon gonna surprise me like last year by calling many many friends.. because previously.. she did asked who I wanna celebrate my birthday with.. got few gangs.. haha.. but never mind.. there's really a surprised celebration too.. different surprise from last year of course.. haha..

As I had joined dance.. we'll have a dance competition soon.. and last week, we were been told that today will be our first rehearsal.. therefore.. I also get prepared lo.. wait happy come and fetch me.. mummy brought me to see the Sony phone.. she said the phone shop's uncle's son the "en tao eh" said got other phone to introduce.. he suggested the Yari don't know what.. and 10x mini.. W750i.. don't remember la.. haha.. but I still insist with my W995.. Fall in love with one sight.. haha.. yeahh.. When I saw SookChuan's W995 that time.. I super duper like it.. 8mp camera.. screen big big.. walkman phone.. cyber shot.. can online.. and it's SONY!! haha.. so mummy can't change my mind also.. then we booked the phone.. will get it on Monday or Tuesday because Raya break.. no people working =x Nevermind, I wait.. =D

I shall have you soon :D

Back to topic.. LOL.. Happy then fetch me, then fetch Sharon.. after that then we proceed to studio.. Chriz haven't arrive.. then we went to Kento's saloon.. wanna disturb him a while.. hehe..
I told him I wanna cut my fringe abit because it seems abit long.. AGAIN @___@ haha.. he said "OK, just let me cut this customer's hair first.. " I was like.. you serious?? I was just saying nia.. kaka.. then he help me straighten fringe then curl up behind part.. cut a little bit.. I was kinda satisfied with the curl.. Thanks Kento..let me to stay pretty although just an night >.<" next time do permanent for me ya.. blek.. =p

straightening front hair..
start to curl behind de hair =p
done ^^ 
poserss... haha xD

Went up to studio after that.. ss time.. haha..


Then start practice.. popping.. breaking.. and locking are definitely required for the next competition.. so we keep practice practice and practice.. till Chriz finally came.. before she came.. I already suspected there's something wrong with Sharon and Happy.. Sharon seems to give signal to Happy.. Xin yi was cool.. she was a pro actress.. haha.. Chriz then came up.. Sharon come liao lo.. with her drama again.. "Chriz look angry.. " haha.. yea.. After that.. Chriz aimed at me one person.. my mistakes.. my wrong.. everything la.. give her say.. haha.. I wanted to laugh out actually when I see her reaction.. because I can feel that she is acting.. and when she turned away.. I know she was giggling away.. haha.. Then the surprise came.. everyone was outside.. me alone inside.. suddenly the light OFF.. then the birthday song came in.. although I already guess dao.. but still..they made me cried.. =X thanks to everyone who planned and contribute to make this celebration a success one.. love you guys so much.. =)

thx Sharon ^^
cake of the day xD
surprise!!! =)
thx to this siao po.. always like to do all this crazy stuffs de.. haha..
ling n chriz ^^
ling and nai ma ^^
ling and alex ^^
ling and kento.. thx for the hair cut oo ^^
with mei yee.. =)
janet ^^ love my hair in the picture.. haha xD
happy ^^
xin yi =)
muaxxxxxxxx xD
wine and beer of the day.. hahaha xD
sot sot de.. lolx.. this is ballet.. there's hip hop and belly as well.. picture not so clear.. =)
One of the DARE game.. =p

Presents part.. hehe.. ^^
13B maxed.. LOL [new owner ^^]
thx to Kento for setting up my hair.. love it so much =)
thx happy and xin yi.. berry cute de soft tiger's paw^^


Here they are :
bracelet from dumdum kor.. sorry coz make u broke.. kaka

necklace from allan baby ^^  

and finally, my dearest one.... 

w995 phone!!! thanks mummy.. love u.. ^^
More pictures at -

Special post for SOON MING KOR KOR.. reply to his blog.. haha..
thanks for your wish ya.. I success also is after you lo.. kaka.. ^^

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