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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Babies ♥♥

September is here already.. so fast.. 3 more months and year 2010 is gonna end.. LOL.. Now in this post I would like to list out all the September babies.. haha.. because.. as I know.. most of my families and friends birthday was on September.. including me!! kaka.. Don't believe?? Check it out.. ^^

1st Sept - Wee Onn [college friend] =)
3rd Sept - Wing hong [college friend], Fiza [Secondary sch mate] ^^
5th Sept - Jc Wugui Tan xD
6th Sept - two of my uncle [4-jie & ku zhang] =p
8th Sept - Pei Ling [me lo ^^], Kar King [college friend], Annnt [secondary sch friend], Pn.Myra [secondary school teacher]
9th Sept - Melissa Yap [my cousin] =)
10th Sept - Kah Chun [my cousin] =)
11th Sept - Ewe Jin [secondary sch mate] =D
13th Sept - Yong yong [another cousin.. lolx] =)
14th Sept - Jessie Tan [bao bei/ marketing staff], Wendy Loh [secondary sch friend], Max Liew [friend], Kenneth [ex-college friend] =D
15th Sept - Jia yuan [cute lil cousin ^^], Ckg.Lutfi [ex-athletic coach], Kok Chai [secondary school friend]
18th Sept - Hadi [athletic friend] xP
19th Sept - Casovia Khoo [athletic friend] xP
21st Sept - Pei Jun [my sister] xD
24th Sept - Han tong [friend], Cornelius [secondary sch mate], Dickson [friend] =)
29th Sept - Allan Eu baby [secondary sch mate] =p

THE END.. So.. wake me up when September ends?? hahaha.. toodles =)

Today CC going back to Russia already.. sobs.. maybe after 4 years only he coming back.. lol.. don't know that time still can recognize each other or not.. hehe.. although just met him not long.. but I glad to know him,, crazy one.. so childish.. sometimes fierce time.. so scary.. moody time don't wanna share with others de.. wanna settle ownself  >.<" a very good gentleman.. haha.. although sometimes will pakat with dumdum and shoot me.. but still.. he still will help me say good thing and shoot back dumdum.. hahaha.. anyway.. all the best to you over there ba.. take care yourself..gonna miss you.. I believe dum dum too.. keep in touch ya.. cheers =)

Gift from cc.. souvenir from Russia.. thx ya.. =D

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