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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Steamboat Gathering with family

Yesterday, dance friends.. those zhang bei men and some of the nian ching ren.. they went to PD jor.. huhu.. I was supposed to follow Kento there on the second night which is today.. but.. I got a call yesterday said that Kento is following them on the first day.. so bo huat.. then I didn't go with them because.. 1stly.. I had already promised my aunt that I will go to her house for dinner.. 2ndly.. to sudden already.. I haven't tell papa also.. suddenly ask me go back pack thing go PD.. don't think he will let also.. and his mood not really good that time.. hmm =x 3rdly.. don't wanna trouble people send me all the way to setia alam just to meet them.. or any one of them come all the way to sentosa just to fetch me.. 4thly.. haha.. aiya.. nevermind la.. sure got next time de ma.. I still got steamboat dinner.. haha.. organized by my beloved aunt.. lolx.. get to see my lil cutie cousins.. not bad la.. haha.. all of them changed alot.. hao hao become so chubby d neh... so cuteeeee.. haha.. bing bing also came.. he can talk and walk liao.. haha.. the last time I saw him, he still can't talk and walk yet.. and he looked similar to hao hao.. lolx.. who else.. hmm.. yuan yuan leh.. as naughty as before.. little bit cry already.. ish ish ish.. yuan yuan a.. haha.. 

some of the steamboat ingredients
makan makan ^^
adults normal routine.. "chiap kut" >.<"

What FUNNY was.. before going to aunt's house.. mummy told me that me or my sister had to followed her to a wedding dinner.. my sister don't wanna go, so I go lo.. then I brought along my dress to change at aunt's house.. mummy and I then went to V GARDEN.. there were 3 wedding dinner which been held at the same time.. mummy didn't bring the invitation card.. and she don't know the bridge neither the bridegroom's name.. so.. what to do.. we had to find one by one.. we went up and down.. front and back.. right and left.. only 3 place ma.. still not sure which one.. couldn't find a right one.. couldn't see the right person too.. because mummy was invited by the bridge's parents.. supposedly they should be there as well de ma.. but shadow also couldn't find one.. haha.. so what to do.. go back to aunt's house.. LOL.. when we got back home.. I see the invitation card.. it's at IMPERIAL restaurant la.. not V GARDEN for goodness sake.. hahaha.. how can papa see wrong leh?? then he explained.. in mandarin.. imperial and v garden sounds almost the same.. that's why he also confused already.. haha.. Learned a lesson.. next time if you go any wedding dinner.. please make sure you know the bridge and bridegroom's name.. easier to find and definitely won't find wrong.. haha.. xD

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