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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Super cam-whoring

Chicak-chicak... Don't know is I too influential or what. My friends seems started love to take pictures a lot after mixing and hang out with me. LOL. Their facebook profile, previously from 200+ now can become 900+ Imagine how superb was that. Haha.. Since today everyone was super duper free and nothing to do, therefore we "4 xiao gua" okan for a hang out. Since those "zhang bei men" have their own waterfall trip, we cannot lose to them also.. kaka.. xD But, as we are staying around Klang, not many place that we can hang out also. Aeon? Walk till sien liao lo.. Sepang beach? too far.. KLIA.. too far also.. small Genting don't know how to go.. even LIVE GPS also don't know leh, inikan pulak kita.. HAHA.. finally we went to Damansara.. Yeah baby yeah.. Ikea, E-Curve.. Although not my first time been there but I thought Ikea was a place where we really can take lots and loads of pictures... wakakakaka.. xD And to Ikea that day, it was my... err.... second time there I suppose.. And oh ya, met Alex at there too. Suddenly two hand came from my back and closed my eyes. I wonder who.. yuan lai is my lao ban.. Haha..  Make him took a sweet picture with Sharon too.. The reason is to test if "someone" gonna be jealous of it.. So bad right us.. Haha.. But well.. who knows?? Wait and see lo.. haha.. another surprise when we were heading back.. Met Sasie there too.. What a coincidence. She looks like Lagy Gaga. LOL. Almost 3 to 4 hours camwhoring, me for the first time felt tired taking pictures. Miracle!! Haha.. Xinyi and Sharon especially so excited.. keep take and take and take.. Won't tired de.. Haha.. Went to SS2 for our dinner after that. Although just four of us, but we had a super camwhoring day with total of 210 pictures!! Yeah.... Lazy to post it up, just look it up here and here for Part 2. Tata.. =)

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