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Monday, September 20, 2010

Swimming + Hanging around + Movie

After dance class and bah kut teh, we went for a fresh cool swimming!! oh yeah, haha..xD My first time been there and I tell you.. when you go in the water.. PHEW!!!! si beh COLD!!! but damn SYOK!!! haha =D and  its damn deep inside, don't know how many feet liao.. but for sure all of us couldn't touch the ground. LOL 
We reached there quite late around 4.45pm.. we have to get up at 5.15pm that's why we just swim awhile only. But although just awhile.. not bad liao la.. ^^

phew-wit...... =p

Went to Sifu Alex's house after that.. I brought along my piano sheets albums.. He very geng leh.. the "ni bu zhi dao de shi" song, he can play so well in his own version somemore.. no need refer to the notes.. arghh.. How I wish I could play as well as he was..Totally fall into him when he played time.. awww....... =x 

He even teached me the Jay Chou's secret piano duet song.. "4 shou lian ching"  This song is played by two person. The first bar already enough challenging..I wonder the rest would be how? LOL.. But I was freaking excited when I duet with him.. Omg.. don't know how to express my feeling but its damn damn awesome!!!! haha.. he said he gonna write the chords for the lee hom's song.. then I can play it already.. Yeah baby yeahh.. gonna practice it kao kao coz that song really nice.. =)

Xinyi and Xinhui also together learn =p

and this is BONUS =>
Then, continue with chiap kut.. lolx.. 

Not to forget, our dinner.. DOMINO PIZZA!!! Hahaha xD


Then, Kento suggest to watch Resident Evil then ok lo.. ON.. haha.. xD
Resident Evil was my 3rd movie this week.. continuously 3 days already.. really movie freak betul.. haha.. =D This movie make me screamed for a few times.. I really easily get shocked de.. wuwu.. @__@ Sorry XinHui and XinYi because my scream make you girls got scared also.. Haha.. Who ask you are so unlucky sit beside me.. LOL =P Aiyo.. nevermind la.. like this only "CHI KEK"
ma.. right? =p Overall, this movie was not bad la.. Don't know why Chriz and Alex can watch until sleep.. Haha.. Rated 9/10 =D

She very GENG and YENG.. lol =)

gorgeous ^^
scary @@

After movie, Chriz then realized that she misplaced her

 parking ticket. Went back to car and find but its not there.. She then took an old ticket and try it.. But... 

hahaha.. you wanna pay or not? lolx.. =p

Then head back on to cinema and find. Suddenly another tai tao ha Mr. Kento also

 realized that his car key also drop somewhere liao.. ish ish.. haha.. Luckily both also found back their thing.. Thanks to the cinema workers.. lolx.. Damn funny.. "Do you see a parking ticket??" Hahaha.. xD

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