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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tabur hill - You drive me craziee!!!

After Broga, what's next? Haha.. Here comes Tabur Hill. It's located at Melawati which is just nearby Zoo Negara. 5 of us, Chriz, Happy, Sharon, Xinyi and me went there accompanied by Chriz's hiking friend "Sifu Seen" and 3 of his friends. Get to know four more zhang bei men liao.. haha.. All of them were nice, they are friendly and helpful. One of the them, Janice jie jie, she was so cute leh. haha.. I see her, I see the future me! LOL. Yeah baby yeah.... haha.. She is very very the sensitive towards camera. Whenever she heard "lai take picture" or when we stop a while at a stop to rest, means whenever got time la.. she will definitely grap the opportunity to take picture!! haha..  She got a DSLR of her own where she brought it up with her along the hiking journey.. geng leh.. haha.. take picture time!! there she'll be..cheese..peace.. smile.. chicak.. kaka.. nice..  hehe..

This is Janice jie jie..sweet right? ^^ 

Along the journey, this Tabur hill was definitely more challenging compared to Broga which is so so only.. Plus we had a knowledgeable sifu with us, for him no matter how fast or how slow you climb.. it doesn't matter.. what matters most is the experience.. the feeling.. what had you gain from a climb.. what did you explored, what did you see, what did you learnt.. Really had an great adventure.. Kaka.. Orite.. Gonna begin my journey now..tell by pictures.. (Gonna post many many pictures this time) ^^ Reached Tabur Hill around 8am.. 

Before we began our journey.. ^^

Start journey!!! ^____^ Climb climb climb ^^

imagine we had to climb up this HUGE rock.. really need strong arm and leg.. TRAIN STAMINA!! =D

And guess what.. at the peak of the hill, got people sell cold soft drinks somemore.. haha.. geng lo.. really can make a good business.. but, drink dao the drink.. really SI BEH SYOKK aaa!!! =D

but abit expensive la ^^

Whenever got time.. also can take picture.. haha.. xD

Poser champion goes to :-
this is sifu "seen" lo.. haha.. ^^

i love you =)
love on the hill ^^
take a picta! chicak ^^

aaaa!!! Chrizz... don't fall down!!! ahaha.. xD
say cheese =)
emo =x
pei si look =p
yeah baby yeah.. haha xD
OMG.. @_@
kuan ni ma =)
group photo =)

FYI, Tabur also named as Crystal hill.. seee.. this is the proof ^^

waaa.. so long......=x
ants on flower >.<"
mushroom ^^

ants >.<"

Pictures taken from facebook profiles.. Look for more at =>

I wonder where's next.. Kinabalu? Ledang? Tahan? Haha.. no idea.. wait for Chriz to plan ba.. kaka.. tee-hee.. toodles.. ^^

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