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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teknik Menjawab SPM @ HUC [Part 2]

Help out at HUC again ^^ Our job is actually very very simple only.. When students come, some take care of the registration part.. then some will usher them to the classes.. other than that, mum mum time.. get all the food and drinks ready.. that's for breakfast.. lunch time..I tell you.. really can give you EAT DAO SIAO.. and LAUGH DAO SIAO.. is the crazy de siao not smile de siao.. haha.. siao ah loon.. siao soya.. and that siao desmond.. this three guy.. I tell you.. I really beh tahan.. haha.. with them.. really can become SIAO.. because   they will keep on talking crap..jokes.. and many many thing.. which can really make you laugh till you stomach pain.. make you laugh till, from you hungry till you can't eat because you laugh till full liao.. LOL.. XD Really sot sot de.. especially that siao ah loon.. I know him since primary school.. It's been 13 years already.. pattern still same wan.. haha.. Having them beside you, really can.. haha.. I don't know how to express my feeling liao la.. lunch time, there are many food left.. and you know what they did? haha.. when those students eat finish and wanna add more.. they would add a mountain rice or mihun for them.. haha.. if they don't wanna add.. they would keep on asking them to add.. "SIAPA TAK ADA TAMBAH, TAK BOLEH BALIK!!" "SIAPA BELUM TAMBAH?? MARI MARI!!!" hahaha.. damn funny wei.. kaka.. more and more stuffs la.. then they keep share their clubbing stuffs.. anyone go one time with them before, definitely will got NEXT TIME.. haha.. lee woh sheng.. go 3 time liao.. wee onn.. 2 time i think.. hui rong.. don't know how many time d.. but that wan is real kaki de la.. all club till siao liao..Where got people go club 3 times in a week de?? haha.. I will maybe have a club plan with them soon also.. in Nov.. special occasion.. see how first la.. haha.. ^^ 

breakfast meal =)

only serve leng luiss.. =p

lunch 1 - thai style meal

lunch take 2

VEGE food.. lolx

kerabu ^^

look at his plate... EAT TILL YOU SIAO A!! hahahhaa xD

Talk to my phone =p

awww... so cute ^^

what's so funny.... lolx

Off to Sifu Alex house and dance rehearsal after that.. 
Bonamana and Change is BACK!!! Haha.. =)

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