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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ti Amo ♥

Another monthly dinner for our jimui gang.. =) Venue of restaurant : Casa Di Napoli suggested by Angel dear but she couldn't attend.. hmp.. >.<" but the rest of us did enjoyed our day as well.. hee.. ^^ the food was delicious.. yum yum... Month of September.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LING LING AND TAN TAN =) Wish us happy happy and leng leng always.. haha.. 

venue of the day ^^
The appetizer-Mushroom soup ^^
1st spaghetti of the day ^^
2nd spaghetti of the day =p 
1st pizza of the day =D
2nd pizza of the day ^^
makan makan =)
group photo ^^
ling ling and cheryl.. love this picture alot.. love my hair.. haha.. xD

More pictures of the restaurant here =)

After dinner, went to E-Curve with dumdum for a movie, Cats and Dogs.. ^^ I didn't watch the first episode but this 2nd one was not bad though.. quite funny I thought. haha.. rated 8/10 =)

awww.. so cutee... =p
i also lose liao lo like this.. haha.. =p
waa.. seee.. so high tech de.. LOL ^^
what's up doc?? xD

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