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Monday, September 6, 2010

V Garden's performance

Not satisfied with today's performance.. =X I ruined everything.. hmm.. there are two stage.. the big one and the extension stage which is a smaller one.. I'm the one to go out first.. before I went out, I asked XinHui.. where should we stand.. up or down? I heard.. and I really DID heard she said DOWN.. that's why I walked to the down stage and stand over there.. therefore, we have to dance at the small stage because I already got ready over there.. don't wanna blame anyone..  it's over though.. maybe it's my fault.. I didn't got the information correctly or what.. well.. I don't know.. Learn from lesson.. no more next time.. as Chriz said : "Use common sense.. if there's two stage, dance on the big one unless you were asked to dance at a certain place.." Sorry.. I will never repeat this stupid mistake again..hmm.. after performance.. everyone was discussing about it.. "WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS DANCE ON THE MAIN STAGE??" =X No mood at all after performance.. didn't take any pictures.. didn't wanna talk to anyone.. didn't wanna move.. sat down quietly.. wanna stop myself from crying.. but I just couldn't stop my tears from dropping down.. ='''( Sorry for all the trouble guys.. performance so cha but still get 50 bucks.. for that 2 minutes dance.. >.<"

Performance videos : [70's] [belly dance solo by nai ma] [belly dance duet part 1] [belly dance duet part 2]

Went yamcha at Gasoline, I-City after that.. felt much more better..played the PING PANG WA game.. freaking awesome and gan jiong!!! hahaha..nice one xD 

my black pepper chicken chop =p

i eat urs.. u eat hers.. she eat mine.. lolx..

with our hair stylist of the day, KENTO ^^

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