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Monday, October 11, 2010

♥ 10.10.10 ♥

10.10.10 - Nice date right? I believe everyone has their own plan to celebrate or to do in this very special date. Go shopping? Hang out with friends and family? Travel? Haha.. well.. as for me.. nothing so special but I believe we all do enjoyed. =D I went to TWO open house whereby the first one was at my cousin's house at Ambang Botanic-- Celebrate new house and lil cousin's birthday ^^ That was the most high class party that I had ever went to. LOL. I don't know about you guys out there but for me, that's really different from other party that I had went to.. Haha.. The party got waiter to serve you all the time.. Live chef cooking for you whereby you can get hot and fresh food.. Mr.Clown making balloons for childrens.. ( YEA.. >.<" ).. Live ABC.. and the food.. got many many small bowl of PRAWN NOODLE.. =.=" unusual betul.. haha.. Moreover, got a very huge creature.. AKA lamb.. lolx.. live roasted.. pork.. chopped into many pieces as well.. What else.. hmm.. Well.. Let the pictures talk to you all la.. haha.. XD

Cook cook cook.. don't curi tulang aaa.. =p
Mr. Clown wanna eat prawn mee also I guess.. haha XD
ABC anyone? ^^
saw the poor Lamb? lol.. >.<"
Beer anyone? =p
I wonder hwo they gonna finish it.. >.<"
okla.. Help to promote also la.. haha.. ^^

and of course!!
the birthday cake =D 10-10-10 also need BEN 10 =P
All my cousins and I.. I'm the eldest and the shortest among all =.="
My cousin, Sin Yan and I =)
Trying to show off but actually don't know how to play also.. haha.. =p
Compete to drink finish.. not fair lo.. I drink in bottle one.. sure lose la.. =.="

Oh ya before I go on with my 2nd round open house.. not to forget.. before I went to my cousin's house.. Papa send my siblings and I to 3-yi's house.. and of course.. the very most important thing.. camwhore with cute lil cousins again.. hao hao and yuan yuan... muahahhaa XD
Poor lil hao hao... sick jor.. hope you will recover fast ya.. ^^

This hao hao a.. keep bite phone.. >.<"
yuan yuan's turn ^^
not bad a.. know how to pose liao.. kaka.. XD
Nice right.. I tie for her wan lor... =p
Jeng jeng jeng XD
Yuan yuan ar... your didi like bu yuan yi take picture with u leh.. kaka =p
You both a.. Keep eat eat eat.. haha XD

Well.. that's all for now.. For more look into my Sweet Family album la =) Click here

Ok now.. proceed to 2nd round's open house.. Double Xin's brother wedding party.. haha..
Thanks to dear kind dumdum for picking me up at Ambang Botanic and send me to Bandar Puteri ^^

 Well.. I've been there quite late and everyone was already there. So, with my blur condition after drinking quarter of red wine.. continue joining my dance friends with beers.. haha.. 
Jeng jeng jeng.. Let me introduce to you guys.. The main character of the day!!!


Carlsberg's family!!!! haha XD

Guest of the day... =p

three zi lian queen XD
Nai ma and mei yee!! =)
Chriz a Chriz.. What's so funny leh? haha XD
This is what you do when you are DRUNK!!!! hahaha XD
Me and everybody except XIN YI.. that time she was away.. too bad.. [Macam I kahwin saje.. take picture with everyone.. LOLX.. =P]

(= THE END =)

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