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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Movie again but this time with Mr. Dumdum.. haha.. ^^ After been forced to sing song infront of chiu kap geng de teacher, went to MBO for a movie.. lolx.. =p Altitude.. what can I say?? Seriously, I did feel sleepy abit when I was watching the movie.. overall, ok gua.. although abit don't understand the ending.. =.=" Rated 6/10

I wonder what's next =p Then went to centre after being called by Mummy.. someone bo song liao.. but still go.. T.T Sing with mic really different with singing without mic.. At the bridge part, I got messed up.. T.T Can I sing completely the whole song? Hmm.. I believe I can.. I just need to have more confident and open my voice more!! Cannot make dumdum sia sui.. GAMBATEH!!! train and train until perfect!!!

Off to studio for dance rehearsal.. 1st rehearsal for Glam Street Flash Mob.. ^^
Those who interested, can join ya.. it's totally FOC.. you just need to spend some time to learn the steps.. and you may rock the Bukit Bintang street on 20th Nov 2010 ^^

Look for more info at this event : Click here

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