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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bibi's day ♥

Malaysia Open, Kuala Lumpur [ATP World Tour]
Date : 1st - 3rd Oct 2010 
Venue : Putra Stadium, KL

Suppose to crap about this event but... Well, I'm not gonna blog about it somemore la.. since Mr.Ivan had already update everything.. so just take a look at his blog la..
[*since everything is the same also what.. haha.. =p] 
Post #1 and Post #2 =p

Well.. maybe I can update about our dinner after work which is "THE ALL BIBI'S DAY"  lolx.. all got bibi's disease out of sudden.. laugh die me.. haha.. XD
Went Sunway Pyramid to have our dinner.. =)
take a picture ^^

Things we girls used to do - Take picture in the toilet ^^

Everyone's pose except SM was speechless.... @___@

After cracking our mind thinking where to eat exactly, finally decided to eat at GASOLINE =D

BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN CHOP with a mushroom soup and a choice of drink- only RM19.90 XD

this one looks delicious.. SEAFOOD CHEESE.. don't know what liao.. =p

someone so special.. so let him stay at centre lo =p

Suddenly a white appeared >.<""

last one before heading back =)

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