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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Careless =X

I was doing my assignment in my room upstairs. Then, my house phone rang. It was downstairs, so I ran down in a rush too pick up the call. Very very the unfortunately, I fell down =X Ouch!!!! It really hurts.. T_T There's a floor sign on my leg.. What the.. A T-cross sign.. Can you imagine how pain am I? =( I pick up the phone but then the caller close it already. Then I heard my mobile phone rang pulakk.. But it's upstairs.. =.=" Then I ran up back to answer it but couldn't reach it on time. One miss call from mummy.  LOL. She asked me to open the door for her. Swt la.. careless.. >.<"" Finally done my HIS109 individual assignment. Proceed with group one now.. Thursday presentation.. No need sleep liao.. =.="

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