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Monday, October 25, 2010


Recently, I had dreams very often. Dream and dream and dream.. Weird dream, funny dream, unusual dream.. Had no idea at all why on earth will I dream about all those situations.. haha.. But, dream shows that I do not had a good sleep.. Aiks.. What to do leh.. I can't control my dream.. Inception meh.. haha.. But, there's someone who came into all those dream frequently.. Everytime, the dream would be different story, but it's always be him! Don't know why.. Do I miss him that much? haha.. No idea.. >.<" Erm.. there's one night whereby I had two dreams one shot.. LOL.. A very long dream.. Is there any idea that we could investigate why we would dream about what we dreamed? Well.. I don't know... I think I might had dream memory lost.. I really can't recall much about my dream as before.. sobs.. =X 

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