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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can I survive?

Went to dance rehearsal justnow.. Hmm.. everything seems not fine.. I can't stop my tears from dropping down.. I cried.. Don't wanna let others saw, but I still can't hide it from them.. Hmm... I'm not really in mood.. thinking of my college stuffs.. soon ming and others had already did their study plan.. which they expect they will graduate next year.. he was thinking how to graduate faster.. but in meanwhile.. I was thinking how to pass my subject.. =X I can't bear to fail anymore.. I can't accept the failure.. I really can't.. I felt so suffering.. In one glance, I was thinking.. Why do I study till so hard where as there are few other classmates who can score so well, get good grades.. why can't I be like them? Is it because my effort not enough? Yes. This is definitely.. but, it seems like no matter how hard I tried, I still can't get good grades as others. I was thinking.. Why did I choose this course? Why did I come HICT and study ADP taking this business course? This is not what I wanted at all. I have no interest in business also. Why? Am I in the wrong path? I'm speechless.. But everything is too late.. I'm going to finish my 2nd year soon.. Soon, in April 2011 would be my third year already. What else can I do? Can I survive this challenge?
Thanks to everyone who tried to comfort me justnow. It really made me feel better. Thanks for the super hug, Chriz and also Sharon dear.. =) Dumdum kor, thanks for calling.. Love you guys alot.. I will try give out all my best.. Just hope that I could pass this challenge........ 

And to Happy, if you are reading... gambateh to you too... everybody has their own problem..  not you only.. but in the end.. we still have to stand out and face it.. No matter what.. I believe everything is gonna be alright.. Don't emo already la k.. =) And you gotta start to control the alcohol.. You can't go on like this.. Once a while is okay.. but not often k.. Cheers and let's gambateh together ya =) 
Goodnight all :)


  1. sorry lorh.. make u so sad.. i didn't think of your feeling.. =(

  2. hey.. no worries la.. i didn't blame u also ma.. cheer la k ^^


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