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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I ♥ Shopping

Shop for prom finally! Haha.. Went to Sg.Wang and Times Square with Mr. Dumdum. Went there by KTM.. Felt excited going time because it's been a long time didn't take train.. haha.. but going back time, no energy liao.. si beh tired + leg pain [high heels].. Actually he wanted to go and buy his specs.. Then I thought can sun pian go find dress also lo.. but poor him.. had to accompany me here there.. up down.. Walked for almost 6 hours just to find a dress.. >.<" From times square to sg wang.. then back to times square.. finally went back to sg wang to buy the dress.. =.=" Sorry.. I know I berry choosy =p Well.. shopping done.. but still left shoe.. haha.. ^^ Can't wait for prom.. I'm sure everyone gonna be super duper pretty and handsome.. Just like last year.. Marvelous..  =D 

Had our lunch here.. ^^
piggy ling =p
Yo yo yo!!! McD's chocolate favour is finally back!! Miss it so much.. ^^
I love ice cream^^
Love this picture.. nice =)

At ROMP ^^
2 not bad wor.. ^^
3 leh feh look >.<
End up.. didn't buy any one of them.. haha.. >.<"

Aiyoyo... which dress should I buy?? Pening kepala aku... >.<" 

6 [300 bucks!! >.<"]

Guess which dress I bought? Find out at prom lo.. =p

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